design, technology and taste

Reach customers with BRANDRINK bottles


We managed to connect a unique bottle, top printing technology and a great taste of drink for unique promotional and gift items. Introducing the Brandrink bottle,

a product that has been meticulously designed to the smallest detail.

Sophisticated design

We have developed an impressive bottle for you in several versions that are sleek and dynamic, at the same time fits in your hand, can be used in many ways and is environmentally friendly.

The bottle is not only a wrapper in our case, it is a unique product, which not only surprises, delights and at the same time visually and textually impresses the end consumer.

Profi digital printing for everyone

Forget about unsightly glued labels and cheap screen printing. We print our bottles exclusively with digital printing, which guarantees uncompromising professional results. Using modern technologies, we transfer the prints directly to the surface and faithfully capture everything desired.

A huge portion of energy and taste

The original ESCALATE enclosure has a huge amount of experience. The patented 3D TOP cap allows you to personalize the taste and power of the drink according to the preferences of each consumer.

The cap is replaceable and you can choose from several flavors. Its content is an energy-intensifying syrup that is mixed with water from the bottle in use and results in a customized flavor.

ESCALATE was created in collaboration with professional athletes and nutrition specialists from Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic. The beverage concentrate in each chamber is free of preservatives, artificial dyes and is sugar free.

What ESCALATE offers are the ingredients your body needs to fight fatigue, improve concentration and memory, promote regeneration after intense exertions. You can have it all along with positive effects on the central nervous and circulatory systems.

About us

We are an exclusive supplier of promotional and gift products that combines quality and design sophisticated bottles, precise printing technology, and the intense taste of focused energy.

Our long-term experience and know-how in the field of promotional prints has enabled us, in cooperation with ISOLINE, the supplier of energy drink ESCALATE, to bring to the market an unrivaled product that has the potential to reach out to a wide audience while reliably meeting the needs of demanding customers.


We will provide you with our services worldwide without exception, quickly, and professionally.


We know that the current world is dynamic and does not wait, so we constantly innovate our practices in line with modern trends in the area.


This is all complemented by our experience, enthusiasm, and cooperation with industry leaders.

We bring a product that makes sense.

Become our partners!

Offer your customers the ability to print full-energy design bottles. This promotional and gift product finds use at conferences, fairs, business meetings as an elegant information courier for an event, contact, or brand.

Take a step forward and expand the range of promotional and gift items with a unique product.


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